Meet Up, Bring People Together, Celebrate !

Located in the very heart of Geneva, between the Train Station and the Mont-Blanc bridge, the IceBergues is the perfect venue for Your Next Party, Public Launch, Conference, Workshops, Photoshoot, Pop-Up Store, Cultural Event, Summer Courses, Charity, Card Tournaments – you name it.

The IceBergues Feel : for Every Kind Of Mood and Ambience Formal, Functional, Funky, Classy, Corporate, Private – always accurate, and so much Fun.

  • 500m2 on Two Open Floors in a Beautiful Setting :
  • 140m2 on the ground floor overlooking the Galerie des Bergues.
  • On the lower floor, a 300m2 loft (4 meters high) offering
    mezzanines for privacy, a full bar and the large main area
    that can become a ball room, conference room, art gallery,
    restaurant, concert room…

Talk, Work and Learn, Eat, Drink and Play at The IceBergues

  • Amenities : Professional Kitchen, Full Bar, Design Furniture, Sofas, Tables and Chairs
  • Easy Access by any means of transport.
  • Deliveries directly through the car park, vehicles up to 2.8m high.